Sales Manager

Post duties:

1. Develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers.

2. Participate in large overseas tools exhibitions and regular visits from overseas customers; (North America, Europe, Asia and South America)

3. To deal with the enquiry of the customer website;

4. Negotiate and push the big project processing for all business;

5. Participate in the operation management and decision making of the company, and manage the business team.

Requirements for office:

1) Bachelor degree, Good oral and listening skills.

2) More than three of foreign trade experience, strong customer handling ability, familiar with trade process and related laws and regulations.

3) Proficient in using computer office software, proficient in using various Internet tools to develop customers, strong business sense and negotiation skills.

4) Overseas exhibitors or tools professional knowledge will be preferred.

5) Dedication, self-motivated, strong market development ability, affinity, good communication skills and independent problem solving skills.

6) Energetic, passionate and conscientious and responsible for the work.

7) With a strong sense of initiative and responsibility, and familiar with the basic process of export business.

Salary treatment:

1) At least 180 thousand of the annual salary

2) Enterprise bonus at the end of the year

3) The company issued a year-end award in the same year's economic situation

4) Perfect employee career planning and professional training.

5) Organize staff travel and staff dinner each year

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